How Can Legal Horse Racing Online Gambling Be Affected By New Laws?

In coming years, it may come to pass that legal horse racing online gambling is not alone in the spotlight. The United States Department of Justice recently issued their opinion on the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act - that they felt the UIGEA only applied to the world of sports betting. How does this affect legal horse racing online gambling and all web-based enthusiasts in general?

Immediate Consequences

Just three states decided to seize the opportunity and capitalize on the moment. Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada now offer fully regulated online poker and other games. Caesar's Entertainment was established in late 2013 as a spin-off of the Caesar's Acquisition Company with a mission to get such an establishment and running. Geo-location software is used by the companies to determine that bets are indeed placed within the borders of their respective states. However, this move is not without its opposition - already, there is a Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling headed up by Sheldon Adelson of the Las Vegas Sands.

What Happens Next

As more states, hungry for revenue and currently home to brick and mortar casino venues realize the potential of profits to be made, it is almost certain that legalized casinos will continue to pop up all around the country. Land-based establishments may see their businesses level out a bit, as may the numerous illegal offshore operations which accept bets to the tune of approximately $3 billion a year from the USA. These are the most likely situations that will occur when more states begin to provide legalized gaming.

Possible Complications

The eventual legalization may bring with it some complications as far as interpretation of the legislature. There are already many different state policies in place which govern land-based casinos. For example, each venue has a limit to the number of slot machines and game tables it may offer. But when it comes to playing on the Internet, amounts of digital machines on the screen are meaningless. The big question for legal horse racing gambling online is: will the states try to extend these mandates to websites, where there are no tangible machines or betting windows?

Current Internet Racetrack Situation

As things currently stand, most people of age in the United States can legally bet on horses through various Internet-based services which are licensed and regulated. There are Thoroughbred races, Quarter Horse races and harness races to choose from as well as greyhound betting at most or all of these websites. Members are able to deposit funds into their account with the service, access current news, study up to date statistics and watch live races. Most of these services also feature a mobile version that allows players to enjoy watching and wagering while on the go.

Although the events surrounding this controversial topic are often muddled and difficult to understand, it is not difficult to rely on conjecture - most experts believe that the issue regarding legal horse racing online gambling will be straightened out in time and that more extensive gaming on the Internet will be made possible, albeit with a number of government regulations attached.