Best Places And Ways To Bet On MMA Fights

Mixed Martial Arts fighting is a popular sport, and there are many people who bet on MMA fights using multiple methods to have a high chance of profiting. It's important to choose the best place in the USA for placing these wagers.

The Basics

Not unlike all other forms of sports betting, there are a number of things to keep in mind before making a wager on MMA fights. Successful wagering often demands a keen understanding of statistics, past results, and an ability to interpret them and apply them to the bout being gambled on. These basic skills are the things that go a very long way in successfully making a profit off of these events.

Weight Classes

Before deciding who or what to bet on, it is important to narrow down the possibilities. MMA fighting is a massive sport with a lot of diversity within it. A good place to start is to pick a weight class and begin researching every ranked member within it. For reference, the classes are Flyweight (125lbs and lighter), Bantamweight (126lbs to 135lbs), Featherweight (136lbs to 145lbs), Lightweight (146lbs to 155lbs), Welterweight (156lbs to 170lbs), Middleweight (171lbs to 185lbs), Light Heavyweight (186lbs to 205lbs), Heavyweight (206lbs to 265lbs), and Super Heavyweight (266lbs and heavier). Flyweight and Super Heavyweight classes do not exist in the Unified Fighting Championship.

Selective Wagering

As tempting as it may be, it is often very unwise to gamble on every single fight within a chosen class. Most of the time, it is not worth the risk to do so. When starting out, it is good to focus on major events before working down to smaller ones. Another good strategy is to only bet on bouts that inspire confidence, where one contender has an edge or clear and predicted advantage. Gambling on matches where opponents are evenly matched leaves no room for much higher odds than 50%, and no way to anticipate which outcome is the winning one.

Favorites and Underdogs

Wagering on heavy favorites often does not yield the best results, for a simple reason: they are wagered on often. A contender that is favored at -400 or higher usually isn't worth the risk because the potential profits are so small. Popular choices favored at -300 or less are usually better choices. On the other side, underdogs are usually excellently valued for the same reason. For long-run profits, it is usually best to pick a successful underdog more so than other favorites because the odds begin to reward the risks.


Although gambling for a winner is a straightforward, easy way to make money, making a proposition bet on MMA fights can yield hefty profits as well. Individuals can make wagers on a large number of aspects of MMA. The most commonly profitable of these include whether a bout will end via knockout, submission, or decision, or which round it will end on. Because these options are less straightforward and often require more analysis and research, they tend to pay off very well, and, when executed right, add a lot to a bettor's profit pool.