5Dimes Casino Latest Review

  • Casinos Name : 5Dimes Casino
  • No Deposit Amount : $-
  • Software : RealTime Gaming
  • Welcome Bonus : 100% up to $250
  • Live Dealer Games : NO
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Comprehensive 5Dimes Sportsbook Review

In the world of online casino games, 5Dimes is a little known fan favorite. Venturing into this in-the-know territory without the direction from heavy advertising is like visiting a tourist town and dining where the locals eat. No 5dimes sports review would be complete without mentioning the company's solid affiliate program or its numerous starred reviews. Web traffic largely stems from these articles or from players who are familiar with the territory.

Highest Grossing Internet Rewards

Most online gaming venues provide bare lip service when it comes to payouts, teasing players with convoluted point systems and few actual rewards. Here, the highest grossing rewards are given regularly. When a standard bet results in an even payout at any other gambling venue the advantage of the house always averages less than 1%, assuring that players who win always win well. A bet at 5Dimes for a round of Pai Gow results in a reward of 1.02x the stakes, while roulette offers a hefty winning of 1.07x the bet placed.

The Real Deal

Although every credible sports review related to this site already attests to the safety and legitimacy of the website, plenty of other safeguards are also in place to provide players with peace of mind. Certified Fair Gaming has approved the website as well as the software provider as safe casino spots for use in the United States. As an added safety net, the bonus casino behind Certified Fair Gaming is also employed here to help build player trust and keep them coming back for regular, safe play. While other betting websites offer odds of -110, this venue stands ahead of the pack with -105.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Carribean Stud Poker is offered in ten different ways as bonus options at 5Dimes. Search for these under the phrase "Stud Poker" in the menu panel to find these popular variants, including "Great Five Bonus Carribean Stud," a player favorite due to its lowest house advantage. Even so, the "Full Pay Bonus" is the more rewarding variation to play.

Full Pay Bonus

Even though there is only a 0.002% difference between the two, the "Full Pay Bonus" is demonstrative of the favorable odds represented here above most other websites. In comparison, pay tables on other websites for similar games only offer a 2.56% house advantage, stacking the odds much higher against players, while the .093% house advantage, coupled with the best systems and strategies, makes it easier to be a winner any day of the week.

Betting Limits

There are betting limits here that can be significantly lower than other online games. With a $1 min/ $100 max, the limits are still wide enough for most players to engage in a comfortable betting range. This range is also for the ante, which means that a wager of up to $300 remains available for a $100 max bet. Instead of bonuses, this site provides increases in payouts on winning bets.

Overall Opinion

Each of the benefits in this 5Dimes sports review provide solid proof that this is a great place to bet at 5Dimes on Caribbean Stud Poker. Combined together, they make a clear case for the casino's standing as the best location online for the game, period.